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Watch Unfaithful (2003) Online

Watch Unfaithful (2003) Online

errand during a violent windstorm. In a run-down part of Manhattan, she literally runs into a handsome young Frenchman, Paul (Olivier Martinez). Paul invites her up to his apartment after she discovers a bad scrape on her knee. As he gives Connie a bandage, Paul is quietly flirtatious. After Connie phones home and explains to her son, Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan), that she's running late, Paul gives her a book of poetry, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.Connie soon becomes obsessed with Paul and creates a pretext to return to the city and call him. They become lovers, quickly dispensing with caution concerning their passion. Edward hires a private investigator (Dominic Chianese of The Sopranos) when his suspicions overpower him. When his fears are confirmed, Edward confronts Paul in a decision that will come to haunt him.

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