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Watch Alien Resurrection (2000) Online

Watch Alien Resurrection (2000) Online

The old enemy...the perfect predator...defeated, but not destroyed...if only her killer instinct could be reconfigured, reformed…resurrected.An unholy combination of human and alien genetics is discovered, made possible by an uneasy alliance between a renegade band of smugglers and a zealous cadre of scientists and officials. One person is familiar, a woman horrifically linked to the alien species that now elicits so much scrutiny. Ripley is back, and all is not what it seems.No amount of arrogance, science, or technology can control the biological destiny that compels the aliens, a destiny that only Ripley understands, on a deeply personal, primal level. To combat the alien menace Ripley must team up with the smugglers, including an enigmatic mechanic named Call, who may be the instrument of Ripley's resurrection or the weapon of her destruction.

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